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KEWAPA Services


Vaccuum and Equipment Repair

We repair most vacuums except Dyson, Electrolux and Rainbow.

We will charge a $40 evaluation fee to diagnose your equipment. If you choose to have the work done at Ke Wa Pa Sales we will credit the evaluation fee toward your final cost.

Our normal turnaround is approximately 2-3 days depending on parts availability.

We offer a maintenance Clean and Lube on vacuums for $49.95. This service includes taking the machine apart to check belt, bearings, filters and any internal parts for any wear or damage. We will replace most belts and disposable bags, clean and lube all accessible parts.

We have a 30 day warranty on all repaired parts and labor.

Shop rate for repairs other than the clean and lube service is:

  • $30.00 per hour for vacuums and equipment purchased from Ke Wa Pa Sales or
  • $40.00 per hour for vacuums and equipment not purchased from Ke Wa Pa Sales

Estimates will be given on all equipment before parts are ordered.

Large equipment will be done on a case by case basis. All large equipment must be brought to our store unless other arraignments can be made. Equipment pick-up and delivery will have a minimum charge of $30 and may be more depending on size of equipment, distance and travel time. Service calls will be at a rate of $25.00/hour for travel time and shop rates will be as stated above. Please call with any questions. For customers who are not having Ke Wa Pa do the repairs we will require a 50% deposit an all parts.

Any and all vacuums and equipment left for more than 30 days after notification that the repair is complete will be sold for the cost of the repair.

Maintenance programs are available on a case by case basis. Please call to discuss details.

Extractors and Equipment Rentals

We offer carpet extractors and some larger floor equipment for rent. A picture ID and payment for rental is due at time of rental.

Pads, brushes and chemicals are sold separately. We will be happy to instruct you on the use of each piece of equipment. All rentals must be picked up and returned to KE WA PA Sales, 78 N. Columbus St., Sunbury, Ohio 43074.

Rental Rates

CP3 20.00 30.00
Upholstery Tool for CP3 6.00 6.00
DV12 30.00 40.00
Upholstery tool for DV12 6.00 6.00
Buffer 20" (1500 RPM) 39.00 49.00
Scrubber 10" or 15" 39.00 49.00
Wet Vac 29.00 39.00


KE WA PA Sales offers no charge delivery to Franklin and Delaware counties with a minimum order of $50.00.

We will offer no charge delivery to Morrow, Knox and Licking counties with a minimum order of $100.00.

We will also offer no charge for delivery to Marion and Union counties with a minimum order of $150.00.

For orders not meeting the minimums or for any other counties not listed above, there will be a $40.00 shipping and handling fee.


Don't forget to ask how you can get FREE delivery on your order. Just one more detail that we will help you sweep under the rug.



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