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Car Detailing Supplies
06-ORANGE 90 G
Janitorial Supplies
25-KUTOL 65636 A
Janitorial Supplies
Janitorial Supplies
08-SD 425 CITRUS
Janitorial Supplies
08-SD 426 FLORAL
Janitorial Supplies
08-SD 427 LINEN

Cleaning Supplies, Office Supplies and Floor Machines


Welcome to the KEWAPA Online Storefront. If you have any problems using this site, please feel free to call us at (740) 965-5404.

KE WA PA Sales was founded by Earl Johnson in Westerville, Ohio in 1958. We have been known as a family-owned business since the beginning. Earl named this company after his three boys - Keith, Wayne and Paul. Most of our customers think it is an Indian word.

In 1986, Earl sold KE WA PA to Herbert Wilson, Sr. Because we are so proud of this company and our heritage, Herbert never once thought about changing the name. With it already being established and so catchy, the name was a keeper.

In 2002, Herbert sold the company to his son Kevin and the company is now located in Sunbury, Ohio.

Today, as it has been from the beginning, the company goal is to provide a quality product at a fair price, with the best possible service.

KE WA PA Sales would like to take this opportunity to say "THANK YOU" to our customers, for allowing us to be in business and to serve your needs for over 60 years.


Don't forget to ask how you can get FREE delivery on your order. Just one more detail that we will help you sweep under the rug.



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